Teens... HOW DO I WIN?

I am in how do I win?
Race To A Million...it's not whether you will make a million during your work life, but rather how fast you will make it and what you will do with it. Both are determined by the preparation and choices you make now.
With Whom or What Do You Spend Your Time?...you become the average of the five people or things you spend the most time with or on.
Be Smart, Don't Start...explores the high cost of certain (bad) habits in real dollars.
Only One Letter Between Anger and Danger... don't let a temporary emotion of anger give you an undesirable life long consequence.
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This book is intended to be a conversation starter for youth ages 13 – 19 who are in middle school through early college. It is created to share certain truths, facts and concepts that should shake you to the core, encourage you to make a series of decisions, or at least ponder what you want to be and become. It may even answer a question you have had.